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"If you are not willing to learn, no one can help you. If you are willing to learn, no one can stop you...


We provide total training for pitchers. If you are serious about your development, you are at the right place. Pro Pitching is like nothing you have seen in Mississippi or this region. Everything we do from warmups, to explosion drills, to rotation drills, to leg drills, to throwing drills, is pitcher specific and based on current research and our experience.

​​Our passion and goal is pitcher training and development​

How our program works, how it all fits together…

Pro Pitching… (Individual Work) Individual pitching workouts focusing on throwing drills to develop proper mechanics and delivery using the entire body in rhythm, in sync and connected. We also do warmup, explosion, athletic, balance, rotation, and body control work. We will work on explosive throws… creating momentum and throwing over a firm, stable front leg / foot. Will work on pitch development. We train for velocity and explosion 1st and then add command and pitches. Our focus is developing a sound delivery based on feel that maximizes velocity and command and is safe.

On Your Own Work… These must be done 4+ times per week in between Pitching workouts. Development and progress will be minimal if you do not do this work. Weekly work assignments will be focused on individual assessment at each individual weekly workout.


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