A Few Of Our Former Pitchers

​​​Spring Schedule (2019)…Regular spring schedule (1 day/week for 15 workouts). Focus will be on routines, mechanics, individualized drills, long toss, velocity development, and some mound work to develop pitches and learn how to develop and maintain a bullpen routine. 

January 14 - May 9 Rate... $253 per month (5 payments... Jan., Feb., Mar., Apr., May)

  • Pitchers who have had a rest period in the fall or winter (at least 5 weeks of no throwing, preferably 8 weeks). 
  • Pitchers who have time or travel constraints during the spring.
  • Those who prefer 1 workout per week.
  • Pitchers who want to focus on developing and improving mechanics.

Spring Tune-Up Schedule (2019)… Tune-ups (Jan. 19, Feb. 9, Mar. 2, 30, and Apr. 27). For our JV or HS pitchers who were on our Fall Schedule but because of logistics, overload concerns, or team coach guidelines cannot schedule regular weekly workouts with us. We will focus on individualizing each workout to address delivery, pitch, or training concerns of each pitchers to help keep them on track during their spring team season. These are Saturday dates during the morning. Thursday tune-ups for individual pitchers who have a conflict on a Saturday during the spring.

January 19, February 9, March 2, 30, and April 27 Rate $415... (1 payment... January)

Summer Schedule (2019)... We offer 2 types of summer plans... BULLPENS and TRAINING workouts.

  • Bullpens... 1 workout per week, May 13 - July 11. Discounted rate is $553 for pitchers who participated on the Fall, Winter, or Spring Schedules. Total of 7 total workouts. Sessions are for Pro Pitching pitchers who want to focus on preparation, pitches, and strategy for Summer game competition. Minimal maintenance on warmup, drill work, and recovery work. The main focus will be on game preparation. Main focus will be mound work.
  • Training... 2 workouts per week, May 20 - June 20. Discounted rate is $632 for pitchers who participated on the 2018 Fall, Winter, or Spring Schedules. Total of 10 workouts. Focus will be on training... warmups, drills to develop and maintain delivery, and recovery routines. Will include 1 day of training and 1 day of mound work. For pitchers who want to focus on their between game daily work and do some mound work.
  • Summer On-Ramp... 1 day per week to prepare pitchers for tournaments and showcases. Discounted rate of $553. For our high level pitchers. These workouts will extend into July. Workouts will specifically focus on preparing our pitchers for tryout showcases and national tournaments.
  • New Pitchers... 1 workout per week, May 13 - July 11. Rate $581. These workouts will be a Pro Pitching start-up program focused on learning basic pitcher training principles, developing a sound delivery through drill training and weighted ball use, some mound work and pitch development, and post-pitching or workout recovery routines. Designed as an introduction to our philosophy and techniques to prepare pitchers for long term training with us.

Fall Schedule (2019)... 2 options - Extended Fall Schedule and Compressed Fall Schedule

  • Extended Fall Schedule... Regular fall schedule (1 day/week for 15 workouts). Rate $1265. August 19 - November 21. For previous and new pitchers. Focus will be on training with some mound and pitch work per individual pitcher development. Days available... M, Tu, W, Th, and Sa
  • Compressed Fall Schedule... Compressed fall schedule (2 days/week for 7 weeks. Total of 14 workouts). Rate $1162. 2 Days/wk for 7 weeks 
    ... August 12 - September 26 
    ... ​September 30 - November 14

Winter Schedule (2019)... 

  • Winter On-Ramp 2019... Ishee / Burkhalter

December 16 - January 9. Group workouts focused on strength, athleticism, plyo care, conditioning, and maintenance drills. NO mound throwing. Group 1 will be limited to 6 pitchers. All work designed specifically for pitchers in preparation for the upcoming season. Gabe and I will conduct these workouts together. We will open a Group 2 if Group 1 fills up. Dates TBD

  • Winter Schedule 2019... Ishee / Burkhalter

December 2 - January 9. Great to combine with On-Ramp Group Workouts or done alone to prepare for the upcoming season. These will be individual workouts focused on delivery development, pitches, game strategy, and how to use and combine pitches. 

  • Winter Specialty Schedules... Thompson

​Individual workouts for current or previous Pro Pitching pitchers. Schedules will be set individually. Dates TBD

Pro Pitching is dedicated to providing individualized and long term training for pitchers who are serious about their development. Our success rate is unmatched not only in Mississippi, but our region as well. Our program includes pitchers from all parts of Mississippi and surrounding states. Pro Pitching has produced 12 MLB players and countless others who have advanced to MiLB or College. To be the best pitcher you can be, you need the best instruction you can get. You don't need a pitching lesson, you need consistent training. Pitchers come from all over Mississippi and nearby states to train at Pro Pitching. Click on the SCHEDULE tab to see openings.

"If you are not willing to learn, no one can help you. If you are willing to learn, no one can stop you...