Pro Pitching Seasonal Summaries

Our program is designed to take a pitcher through the entire year. We train and guide pitchers to develop…

  • A sound delivery
  • Practice routines and how to adjust them from day to day
  • Pitches… fastball 1st, changeup 2nd, and then a breaking pitch that will match each pitcher’s delivery and arm action
  • Mental toughness and how to think 
  • Relaxation and breathing techniques
  • Mound work… bullpens and game simulation. 

We adapt what we do each week with each individual pitcher according to his schedule (practice, school and tournament games). Like nothing you’ve seen anywhere!!! Our program is unique to us and has been designed through our experience (coaching, training, professional baseball) and current reliable research… primarily, ASMI (American Sports Medicine Institute, Dr. James Andrews / Dr. Gene Fleisig) and Cressey Performance Sports (Eric Cressey). All of our instructors have D1 College and Professional baseball experience.

Fall Protocol ($1,256… 4 payments if you prefer)
    * Progressive non-skill work...

  • flexibility, balance, range of motion, cardio
  • power 
  • strength
  • ​Explosion

    * 3-4 weeks transition work for everyone

  • Drills, light throwing
  • Short mound work

    * Delivery and pitch development
    * Weighted balls and Velocity training
    * Development of proper drill and practice routines
    * Prep work for those participating in games / showcases
    * Progressive mound work

Winter Protocol ($534… 2 payments if you prefer)
    #1 - Pitchers coming off Fall workouts
    * 1st 2 workouts will be light, transition, drill work to maintain gains made during the Fall
    * Workout 3-4 will be light mound work to work on pitches
    * Workout 5-6 will be heavy mound work to incorporate a simulated game
    * Suggested… should be on our Spring Schedule.  

    #2 - Pitchers who have a no-throwing period during the Fall
    * Workouts 1-3 will be light drill work to begin ramp up
    * Workouts 4-6 will be light mound work to develop pitches
    * Suggested… should be on our Spring Schedule

Extended Winter Protocol ($978… 3 payments if you prefer)
    * For pitchers not participating in Fall workouts / no-throwing period in August and September
    * Extended ramp up work in preparation for the upcoming spring season
    * Delivery and pitch development
    * Velocity training

Spring Protocol ($1,256… 4 payments if you prefer)
    * January will be continuation of ramp up and mound work with development of routines
    * Remainder of the Spring will be to prepare pitchers weekly for games and develop and maintain practice routines

Summer Protocol ($890… 2 payments if you prefer)
    * Transition period for all pitchers coming off their spring season
    * Prep work for those who will have tournaments or showcases. Will include drills, routines, mound work, pitch maintenance, delivery maintenance

Summer Transition ($985… 2 payments if you prefer)
    * For pitchers who will be playing fall tournaments or showcases
    * In lieu of a no-throwing period because not enough time between the end of summer games / showcases to fall games /         showcases.
    * 2 days / week
    * Note: 1 month off (no throwing) will require 3-4 month to ramp back up to regain arm strength, health, delivery, pitches, and velocity. Not safe to do a no-throwing period and participate in games or showcases without 3 months prep work (research according to ASMI and Motus) 

A Few Of Our Former Pitchers

"If you are not willing to learn, no one can help you. If you are willing to learn, no one can stop you...


Pro Pitching is dedicated to providing individualized and long term training for pitchers who are serious about their development. Our success rate is unmatched not only in Mississippi, but our region as well. Our program includes pitchers from all parts of Mississippi and surrounding states. Pro Pitching has produced 12 MLB players and countless others who have advanced to MiLB or College. To be the best pitcher you can be, you need the best instruction you can get. You don't need a pitching lesson, you need consistent training. Pitchers come from all over Mississippi and nearby states to train at Pro Pitching. Click on the SCHEDULE tab to see openings.