4:00 Conlan Leary x

4:30 Gage Sumrall x

5:00 Gunnar Dennis x

5:30 Wade Lang x

6:00 Colton Shackleford x

6:30 Walker Polk x

7:00 Craig Bass x

7:30 Jackson Evers x

8:00 Dawson Drennan x

​8:30 Robert Shelton x

9:00 Simon Woody x

4:00 Drew Mason x

4:30 Eli Tacker x
5:00 Kelly Burgess x
5:30 Brady Thornton x
6:00 Pierce Malone x
6:30 Braxton McCurley x
7:00 Gage Beard x
7:30 Jennings Kimbrell x
8:00 Dawson Weems x
​8:30 Josh Thomas x

4:00 Rhett Taylor
4:30 Micah Mahfouz x
5:00 Daniel Sherman x
5:30 Braylon Edwards x
6:00 Bailey Dukes x
6:30 Max Hargrave x
7:00 Graham Busbea x
7:30 Tanner Blake x 
8:00 Demarkez West x
​8:30 Titan Warren



4:00 Henry Abt x

4:30 JP Abt x

5:00 Elliot Lloyd x

5:30 Tyler Alford x

6:00 Landon Shackleford x

6:30 Will Gibbs x

7:00  Jacob Gazzo x

7:30 Ford McDaniel x​​​

8:00 Walker Hooks x

​8:30 Christian Shelton x


4:00 Jonah Cox x
4:30 Matt Adams x
5:00 Brady Smith x
5:30 Ross Crigler x
6:00 Braxton Smith x
6:30 Will Keeton x
7:00 Chase Russell x
7:30 John Woods Hollowell x
8:00 Joey Greer x
​8:30 Biven Patterson x

Tuesday CLOSED 
4:30  JoJo Gatlin x
5:00 Mason McCaleb x
5:30 Brodey Walker
6:00 Ryan Steed x
6:30 Alex McGarrh x
7:00 Matthew Azordegan x
7:30 JP Welch x

​8:00 Lee Jones x

8:30 Pepper Heard x 

Transition December 2021

December 6 - December 30 

1 payment $395 Due Nov. 20

After Due Date Add $10

Makeups January 3-6 

Friday Week 1








Wednesday CLOSED​​

4:00 Haze Gregory

4:30 Caden Cole x

5:00 Mitchell Herrington x

5:30 Drew Harrison x

6:00 Christian Baglione x

6:30 Cole Baglione x

​7:00 Reed McCrillis x

​7:30 Jonathan Wells x

​8:00 Nick Monistere x

Makeup Guidelines
... Allowed only 2 makeups per full session (Makeup Schedule)… Fall, Spring, Summer
... Allowed only 1 makeup per Transition session (Makeup Schedule)… December, April, August

... If you need a time change on the day of your workout, let us know ASAP and we can probably make a time work for you that day

​... You can also swap days with someone (same week before Friday) if needed (will not count as a makeup)

... You must cancel a workout prior to noon on the day of your workout to be able to schedule a makeup for that day. After noon, you lose that workout
... If you attend every workout in a full session, you will receive a $75 discount on your 1st payment for your next session
... If you attend every workout in a transition session, you will receive a $50 discount on your 1st payment for your next session
... The makeup schedule is posted on the web. If you miss, check the web and text me a time for your makeup
... No makeups will carry over past the session you are in
... Injuries will not count toward your allowed makeups (2), if the injury involves multiple workouts

... Makeups are on Friday's and must be scheduled the week you miss.

... Gabe will conduct ALL makeups