Pro Pitching 

What you get... our proven record of success in pitcher development is unmatched

Professional instruction

Terry Thompson (owner) 601-397-0509... Chicago Cubs / Cleveland Indians

Gabe Ishee (instructor) 601-407-4830... Milwaukee Brewers

More Than Lessons

We don’t do lessons, we do workouts that focus on developing sound pitching mechanics and building athleticism, explosion, balance, strength, flexibility, and power. Every workout includes work in the following areas… body warmup / explosion, strength, flexibility / warmup throws / explosive throws / and mound work.

Our program is designed to prevent future injuries. We do pre-hab work (prevent injuries) instead of re-hab (after an injury). Our program is designed to develop arm health and safety, command, velocity and power pitching. Workouts generally last 1 hour and include 15-20 minutes of targeted warmup, 30 minutes pitching, and 10-12 minutes recovery. We assist pitchers to develop a daily workout routine that is specific to them.  We guide and instruct our pitchers to take ownership of “their” individual training.

We train pitchers mentally. We incorporate mental strategies and routines in our workouts that produce mental toughness and enhance performance

Video at all workouts for reinforcement and training.

Recruiting Assistance and Placement

No need for a recruiting service. Through our contacts and experience, we promote our pitchers with college coaches and scouts. We also can provide assistance with placement with our younger players on high level travel teams. 

Proven Track Record

Former pitchers include 13 MLB pitchers, dozens in minor league professional baseball, and hundreds at colleges and universities that include Mississippi State, Ole Miss, L.S.U., Arkansas, Georgia, Auburn, Florida, Alabama, Texas A&M, UNO, Louisville, LA. Lafayette, Southern Miss, Georgia Tech, U Conn, LA. Tech, Baylor, Michigan, Northwestern, Franklin Pierce, Harvard, Arizona, Florida Southern, Delta State, Mississippi College, Belhaven, William Carey, James Madison, Amherst, Richmond, Tennessee Martin, Hartford, Indiana, Southeastern LA., and dozens of JC’s in Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, and Florida. 

  • Focused work on athleticism, balance, strength, explosion, and rotation. 30 minutes of work on the drills, stretches, and warmups we do at each pitching session
  • Included as warmup routine prior to and after each pitching workout
  • Drills and exercises that specifically target the shoulders, hips, legs, core, small muscle groups, elbow, tendons / ligaments related to pitching. Very pitcher specific


  • We work together in formulating a comprehensive pitcher development program to improve mechanics, pitches, command, strategy, strength, flexibility, explosiveness, and athleticism
  • We develop our drills that implement current research from ASMI (Dr. James Andrews), Cressey Sports Performance (Eric Cressey), The Texas Ranch, The Florida Ranch, Top Velocity, and Driveline. And of course, our experience as former professional baseball pitchers.
  • Workouts are progressive. Each workout builds on the previous workout
  • Workouts are individualized per workout. We will veer from our basic workout each week to focus on individual needs as identified during the workout. We will recommend individualized “Homework” per pitcher related to identified strengths and weaknesses. Progress and development is dependent on each pitcher doing their workout 5-6 days each week... 1 with us and 4-5 on their own.

Research and Experienced based

  • American Sports Medical Institute
  • Andrews Institute
  • Eric Cressey… President and co-founder of Cressey Sports Performance, with facilities in Hudson, MA and Jupiter, FL. 
  • Research from the Texas and Florida Ranches 
  • Research from Driveline Baseball
  • 30+ years playing, coaching and instructing pitchers